From time to time, we welcome groups from churches all around the country to support our ministry in a variety of ways.  Groups work with us throughout the year to put on programs, help us with major projects, and run our summer program.

Most groups stay on site with us.  We have temperature-controlled facilities with access to showers.  We ask groups who visit to make a small donation to offset the cost of utilities while they stay with us.

During June and July, we have 6 weeks of summer camp, which run Tuesday-Thursday from 3-6:30.  The first week is Vacation Bible School.  The following 5 weeks, the children attend enrichment classes.  Groups will teach a short lesson and develop 3-5 classes for the week they come.  Approximately 40-60 kids from the neighborhood will attend each day.  At the end, they will prepare dinner with the children.  During their stay, groups can plan on a couple of work projects to assist the church with and enjoy the sights that St. Louis has to offer.

To see our full summer manual, download it here.

If you would like to work with North City at any other time of the year, please contact us to discuss an opportunity.